Pulchritudinous Borax Coloring Book

You’re probably saying to yourself, Jeez, that American Observations Coloring Book is a little harsh. Where is beauty? Where is truth? WHY CAN’T YOU LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, VON BORAX???

OK fine, have THE PULCHRITUDINOUS BORAX COLORING BOOK, and I quote: “Coloring fun ensues when iconic archetypes of feminine pulchritude offer some solace to the fevered brain of tortured artist and noted debauchee Nitro von Borax. These black & white images, stolen by ninja archivists from the secret compartment of a credenza at Castle Borax, are a humble homage to the women that raised Nitro von Borax: Emma Peel, Dejah Thoris & Dian the Beautiful, Red Sonja, Modesty Blaise, Brenda Starr, Betty & Veronica, and, of course, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.”

Please buy nine.

A mere smattering of representative images is below:


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