Info von Borax

For inquiries about prints, digitals, licensing, commissions, originals, or just to say Hi: This is the Official N. von Borax site for direct contact, support and sales. Fill out the Form Below!

Sometimes people ask me if I’m going to sell any of my works: Everything’s for sale, of course. It’s just not marketed or on display anywhere, so they’d have to apply for access to the Gallery.

Located in Downtown Saline Michigan disguised as a small Garage
Jampacked with a trove of Hundreds of Paintings & Graphic Arts & Prints & Weird Sculptural Artifacts & Tarot Cards & Coloring Books & Written Works & Audio Materials… & …Stuff.

This Website is my online Vault of higgledy-piggledy:

1. Original Nitro von Borax artworks in various formats. Drawings, paintings, sculpture, photos, etc. etc…

2. Poems and satyrical essays

3.  Random appropriated images and objects of interest found on the street, in the hood, in used bookstores, and then maybe I write something on it for laffs

4. Observations of political & sociological interest/ i.e. peevish rants

Support von BORAX ART by donating a couple bucks here and there, or by purchasing digital copies of artworks, or original paintings and artifacts right here at, or purchase any of my publications or products available online, frequently.

Here’s one: Amerikan Observations, a coloring book for post-civilized U.S. Citizens.

Here’s my novel Piggleyland, and here’s writings: A Slim Volume of Worse. 

Some awesome products available thru ZAZZLE.  Some more awesome products available at IMAGEKIND.

Original artworks, hi-quality prints or digitals of works and/or commissioned graphic art work can all be negotiated by emailing me, and I wish to heck you would.

A partial list of artworks of N. von Borax, mostly out of print / suppressed by the government.

1982: Dr. Deathbucket -Serial comic strip
1985: Histel -Musical screenplay & film
1986: A Fifth of Borax (Songs from Shut Up and Take the Fifth)
-Cassette tape recording with BORAX
1987: Fun Pak from HellCassette Tape, 34 songs with BORAX

1987ish: TICKET TO THE STARS: A compendium of the above early recordings and stuff
1987: Delirium & Debris –Book, 22 pages, B&W cartoons & drawings
1988: Krunchies9 songs with BORAX issued on cassette tape
1990: The TV Book Series –Collage with illustration, serially exhibited on my coffee table
1991: The Island of Kitties and Bunnies -Book, 25 pages, poems and illustrationsIMG_20170403_122328239_HDR
1992: A Mountain of MonstersBook, 30 pages, an illustrated parable
1993: The Opheliad -Book, 10 pages, epic poem with 20 illustrations

1994: Borax Colouring Book 1994 –Book, 52 pages, B&W Borax Posters & Artwork
Borax Coloring book

1995: Kinky Krunchy Porno Monkey -CD, 24 songs with BORAX, Throbbing Cop Records
1996: Pulchritudinous Borax Dreadful Colouring Book -Book, 46 pages, Color cover, spiral bound, B&W illustrations
Dreadful Colouring Book
1996: Death to Borax -CD, 15 songs, live and then dead with BORAX at the Art Fair
1997: The Borax BibleBook, 122 pages, lyrics and artwork of BORAX
Borax Bible

1998: The Vicious Family Circle  –Treatment & songs for Rock Opera, unproduced
1999: The Moist Towelette Series –Album covers and concept songs
2002: Red Laquer -Paintings exhibited at Dreamland Theater Ypsilanti Dec-Jan 2002
2004: Cheesecake a Go-Go -Paintings exhibited at the Green Room, Ypsilanti 
2004: Exotique Travel Brochure -Book, 27 pages, color, 29 original paintings
Exotique Travel Brochure
Exotique Travel

2005: The Lotus Series -Paintings exhibited at Dreamland Theater
2005: Lotus 13 2005 Calendar 13-Month illustrated calendar
Lotus13.jpgLotus 2005 allLotus 2005.jpg

2006: Pulchritudinous Borax Colouring Book (of Pulchritude) –Book, 40 pages, B&W Illustration
2009: Jaan Pehechan Ho! / Mudslide -2 songs with TSARS, issued on vinyl and cd
2011: Piggleyland -Novel, 218 pages
2016: A Slim Volume of Worse -Book, 252 pages, poems and digressions
2016: Amerikan Observations -Book, 35 illustrations, B&W
2016: Pulchritudinous Borax Coloring Book -Book, 35 illustrations, B&W

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