NEW COLORING BOOK for that New World Odor: Amerikan Observations by Nitro von Borax

Here’s just a few of the Stunning Archetypical Horrors you can color with your very own crayons- in Amerikan Observations, my new coloring book. Order early! Order often!

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Amerikan Observations: A prurient keyhole view of life in our plutocratic dystopia provides opportunities for carefree Coloring Fun: Please, please add color to Amerika. Illustrations by Nitro von Borax, from way deep down in the Black Box. Monsters! Naughty Pony! Satan! Atrocity! Obscenities! Hilarious Pigs! Social Commentary! Killer Lobster Woman! Oppression! Demons! Help! How did we get here? AAAUUUUGGGH! NO SOLUTIONS ARE OFFERED AT THIS TIME IN THIS BOOK.

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