Monday Art Pirate Metaphor: Watson and the Shark

What inestimable value is there in modern digital photography. Walking through the fabulous Detroit Institute of Arts with a camera and bringing the paintings home feels like a SERIOUS TRANSGRESSION, but it’s not, I think- particularly the when the artist kicked it about 201 years ago, and I’m not making postcards, anyway. I’m just lookin’. And posting on my website for your edification…

Here’s the magic of the internet, whether artists and their lampreys like it or not: If you can absorb it with your eyes or ears, it’s been rendered effectually free. It’s only when you get the other senses involved that you still have to pony up some cash. Like, when you buy one of my books, listed over to the right, before I’ve been dead for 201 years already, you actually get real Borax to TOUCH, keep on your bookshelf, give to your enemies or burn to make a point. Hungry? You can actually TASTE my books, you could maybe even eat them,  it probably won’t kill you. And the heady SCENT of supporting a truly independent artist wafts enticingly from every page.

I offer you a metaphor: The dude in the water represents Nitro von Borax, the shark represents total financial disaster, the guys in the boat represent you, the harpoon is like 20 bucks or something for cripes sake

Watson and the Shark: John Singleton Copley.

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