I See Monsters

They say there’s a man who sees demons
Diabolically hidden & scheming,
Disguised from the eyes
Of us average guys
Who only see nightmares when dreaming

They say that he sees through disguises
Of subterfuge and compromises
He looks at his plate,
Does not hesitate,
But denounces the stuff he despises

I see monsters
Hiding in the corner of the room
I see imposters:
In that daisy lurks disastrous doom
I see through you:
You aren’t the nice thing you pretend to be
I see into you
And what’s inside is horrible to see…

They applauded this man with affection
For his brave and incisive perceptions
As a result
They started a cult
And submitted themselves for inspection

They say that he screamed when he eyed them,
And proceeded to curse and revile them
As monsters inside. “He’s crazy!” they cried,
And took him post-haste to asylum

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~ Love, Nitro

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