Quart Bag Cuties: 12 Departments

I spent one fiscal quarter working in a Boutique Grocery serving the exceedingly wealthy of his exceedingly wealthy town. All the meat was all kobe and wagyu and stuff, the grapes were rarely less than $3.99/lb, the bakery was a facade with an EZ Bake cookie oven and other org’s marked-up baked goods, the canned goods were 3X the price of ordinary canned goods. The employees were brilliant, but got progressively stupider or would not be promoted, mostly. The CEO that I had the misfortune to speak to was an apparent imbecile, but had fumbled his way into a profitable business model. It was hilarious. There were frequently 40 employees and seven customers in a 25000 sq foot store- but at $175 for a bag of bread and grapes, they may succeed forever. Anyway. There was little to do many nights while I stood at the front enforcing mask use and sterilizing each cart for the terrified old rich people who braved the experience for essential arugula and Cabernets. I would fold a quart liquor bag in 4 and use the terrible failing ballpoint pens I was supposed to be working with to draw 12 nudes, each in a different department of the grocery store. Once, I dropped one in the aisles, and my young coworker found it and figured it must be mine, and gave it back to me with a compliment. Totally could have given it to management and gotten me fired- but she wasn’t offended. She recognized that I’m just trying to connect with beauty, whatever that means. Thanks, pal. There are a lot of evolved humans.

I present these flawed drawings as a naked testament to the working class:

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