One-Half Vaccinated: A Poem

I’m one-half vaccinated!
I have participated!
I’ve been out on the front lines and the glory’s overrated

I’m one-half vaccinated!
I’m barely stimulated!
I’m ok, I’m really fine, but thoroughly deflated

I’m one-half vaccinated!
I’ve waited and I’ve waited!
I’m not afraid, but slightly frayed, a little worn, and faded

I’m one-half vaccinated!
The cure’s anticipated!
But all the costs will not be paid for stuff that detonated

I’m one-half vaccinated!
And cruelly separated!
I wonder if she’ll still be there once we’re both medicated

I’m one-half vaccinated!
I haven’t been sedated!
I fell down thirteen months of stairs- that’s why I’m agitated

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~ Love, Nitro

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