There was always something weird about
That dog
We had him four years
Since the night we found him sitting on our porch
My wife said he was trying to break in
I don’t think she ever liked that dog much
He was a big dog, brown and fuzzy
With floppy ears
Fed him regular
He never ate much
My wife said there was soup missing
But I never paid her no mind
He was very affectionate
Used to pat him on the head
While I watched TV
Always used to greet me
At the door after work
With my slippers in his paw
I loved that dog
Though the house did smell of cigarettes-
I thought my wife was smoking on the sly
Sometimes when I came home I’d see his big head in the window as he stood
On his hind legs to see me outside
Then one day he wasn’t at the window
And he wasn’t at the door
And my TV and stereo were
My wife came home from shopping and
Said we had to call the cops
We had that weird dog four years
I’d have loaned him any money he needed

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~ Love, Nitro

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