So Here I Sit

I should be singin’ Italian arias
With my campadre Mbembe
Strolling through Paris
In a toga and a fez
Doin’ a little Greek dance
And aiming a Mauser at that rat Ngyuen
-He killed Sonja- that rat Ngyuen
I should be running through an Egyptian desert
On Tokyo time
I should be eating Swedish meatballs
In a Brazilian falafel hut
And sadly warbling a Micronesian threnody
On Chinese bagpipes
I should be applying an English riding boot liberally
To the accelerator of a Hispano-Suiza
On a black Carpathian mountain road
With a bellyful of kim chee
Weiner schnitzel and absinthe
Nadia should be waiting for me at the Pink Nightmare
Club with her beakers
Wreathed in smoke
And the dancers around her
I should be rappelling
Down the center of an extinct volcano to find a lost land of dinosaurs
Locked in a battle of wits with Professor Mandible and his robot squid
Swordfighting a trio of Zombie Vikings
Slipping silently through hot jungles by night

And so
I will eat biscuits until the pain goes away
These biscuits… these biscuits
are tasty…


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