Upcycling other People’s Paintings with Zombies 1 & 2

I fixed these resale prints-on-canvas of a couple of kids-

ZombieKid 1
This was the Source Material for #1…
ZombieKid 2

This is pretty satisfying work, actually. If you think it’s valuable to society, why don’t you make a small donation via the form over to the right there? Or the form down at the bottom there?

Sometimes people ask me if I’m going to sell any of my works: Everything’s for sale, of course. It’s just not marketed or on display anywhere, so they’d have to apply for access to the Gallery.

Located in Downtown Saline Michigan disguised as a small Garage
Jampacked with a trove of Hundreds of Paintings & Graphic Arts & Prints & Weird Sculptural Artifacts & Tarot Cards & Coloring Books & Written Works & Audio Materials… & …Stuff.

 CLICK HERE TO DONATE  & support Expenses of the Revolutionary von Borax Empire of Entertainments at your chosen value: You will thus manifest as a paragon of modern interwebs art patronage. Sincere thanks!
~ Love, Nitro

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