Baker’s Prayer

I am delighted to be back among my comrades in the working class, on the front line, and for the privilege to once again to have the hundreds of tiny daily happy interactions with coworkers and the public. Oh, how I do treasure people. OK, so the place has a bakery. No, OK, actually, they just hand baked goods baked elsewhere over a counter stacked with breads and cakes. But they call it a bakery. Anyway…

Baker’s Prayer

I will offer you my Bismarks and a chocolate mousse for two
As I offer only sweetness and my love is always true
I will bake ten million cookies and each one will hold my wish
That your lips will be delighted and reward me with a kiss
And every time I hear the bell I’ll hope that you are there
To taste the velvet cake of love I want so much to share
I’ll nourish you with daily loaves of challah and of rye,
I’ll find the finest orchards for the fruit to make your pies,
I’ll grind the grain and churn the milk and make it all with care,
And every time I hear the bell I’ll hope that you are there.

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