This American Virus: 05/07/2020

This American Virus is only desirous
To make us as great as can be,
It serves itself first and leaves us for the worse,
As do the bourgeoisie

With surgical carving it feeds on the starving,
Feasting on marginal mutton
With bloodied stiletto it prowls the ghetto
For cutlets to feed to a glutton

The banquet is splendid and poorly defended
When people are mostly in jail
Despite their assurance, we have no insurance,
Our systems were crafted to fail

The factory farming and schooling was grueling
And now there’s a high price for gruel
Our floor is unstable while pirates are able
To cover their ceilings with jewels

This American Bug is an obvious thug,
And we’re not all in on the grift
It’s outright extortion in growing proportions
And most of the people get stiffed

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~ Love, Nitro

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