Poem from Pig: GO TO YOUR ROOM. 03/23/2020

As you order your groceries
And hide from the plague
We’ll regret to tell you
Protection is vague
You should have insurance
You must have a stash
(We burned your investments
You’re welcome to ash)
We’ve packed your unwanted
In pens for exposure!
We’re excited to tell you
About all the closures!

Go to your room
Think about what you’ve done
One would assume
Solitude would be fun
Go to your room
Stare at your tiny screen
One would assume
That’s been your fervid dream
Simply unfurled,
Quickly, comically,
Watch as your world
Folds origomically

Now we’ve got you alone
Are you paying attention?
We’re billing you for it
With no apprehension
The dirtiest gems
Hide their valuable facets;
We wish you the best!
Once we’ve secured our assets,
You’ll find we’ll provide you
With almost enough
To make you forget
We just took all your stuff.


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~ Love, Nitro


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