Concrete Jungle

I found a lost valley of 1960’s Miller-Melberg Concrete Playground Sculptures. A thrilling wildlife tableau unfolded.

Concrete Cheese Threatened by Concrete Turtle


The Big Red Concrete Cheese felt threatened by an approaching Concrete Turtle

concrete cheese

Refused help from a nearby Concrete DNA, the Cheese Stands Alone and affronted

concrete dna

TheConcrete DNA really felt pretty twisted up about it secretly

concrete horsies

Meanwhile the world’s most minimalist Concrete Horsies stood around pretending nothing was happening

concrete turtle

The Concrete Cheese needn’t have worried: The Concrete Turtle was having an existential crisis and felt rooted in place by ennui


Ultimately, the Concrete DNA reached a point of acceptance

Update: Miller-Melberg playground sculptures

Update # 2: a Miller-Melberg Turtle accosted me in Grand Haven, Michigan last week:



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