Ones and Zeros

I was listening to music this
Carpathian death klezmer band
On earphones because nobody else wants
To hear this crap: but these dudes have something magic going except
The tone was muddy or shrill
A clumsy staircase had been hewn from a more graceful slope
Everyone got smushed into the middle range
Breaking up
Ones and zeros ones and zeros

I was viewing a folder of files
Of pictures of my family on our last archaeological expedition
To this industrial burial ground
The resolution was unclear
I tried zooming in
Until everything was tiny squares
Pixels aren’t as cute as they sound
It’s broken down
Ones and zeros ones and zeros

I try to be fiscally responsible
Notwithstanding excessive Stilton and gulab jamun expenditures
I logged in to my 401K
I was looking over my investment
The time signature of the algorithm was obscure to me
It was fading away & dwindling
Breaking away-
Ones and zeros ones and zeros

I virtually quit and actually went outside
Where clouds moved across the sky
They were armchairs dragons fondue pots
I bit into an apple
It was firework waterfall June of 1978 forgiveness
And a kiss
Which I passed on to my daughter
Later there was a real rain
And useless things washed away

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