The Kreekside Grille: an Unsolicited Commercial Logo & Jingle

kreekside grille

The Kreekside Grille Jingle

Down by the creek we
Hunt the wily Langoustino,
And you will find him in the dishes that we serve!
He’ll be peeking from
Within your salad green- No
Worries, you’ll receive the Langoustines deserved.

At the Kreekside Grille
All the Langoustinos gleegle
As saliva goes a-streaming from your mouth
(I don’t think that your
Newfangled Speedo’s legal;
Hardly seems appropriate for dining out…)

At the Kreekside Grille
Langoustino Lobster spectres
Hover up above by skillions o’er the pool-
Drink your vino, Lang-
Goustino-flavoured Nectar,
Sitting, spouting in a puddle of your drool!

To say “mouthwatering”
Would be an understatement!
We put the spigot in spaghetti from a can!
Your Pavlovian
Response, without abatement,
Gushes to our Salivation Army Band!

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