Greg Peters: the Romeo Portfolio

“I was just thinking about you. That little son of a bitch, I was thinking. “-Greg Peters 1962-2013

I went again to the vaults, and here’s all the Borax stuff Greg did, dating from 1986-2009. Nobody could draw a punk rock zombie like Greg.

1.greg peters.disorienting1.greg-peters.romeo martini1.greg-peters.romeo pak promo 1.greg-peters.skull 32451.greg peters.merry fuckin xmas

1.greg-peters.bullet thru

1.greg-peters.circus fun1.greg-peters.borax-voodoo-la1.Greg-peters.Borax-blammo-vl 11x17

I did the inks on a couple of these, the Xmas one, the one with the gun, the one with the cross, but it’s all pure Greg.

Rest Peaceful, my friend.

Please donate to the memorial educational fund for Greg’s 2 beautiful boys. They’re only 5-8 years out from college, and we all know that’s not available for people without money.

Go to any Chase Bank, tell them you want to make a deposit to the Magnus and Grey Wilder Peters Fund, routing #065400137.  If they need the account number, which they probably don’t, it’s 3011900171.

No, you can’t make withdrawals from the account. Nice try, though.

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