Fracking provides delicious diesel fuel in your drinking water

The extraction of oil or natural gas through hydraulic fracturing, in which millions of gallons of otherwise useful water are mixed with biotoxic poisons like tuolene, benzene, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, and lots of others, and ferociously pumped into deep, bursting fissures that can extend for a mile all in any direction around the drilling point, is a just a super-terrific way to despoil the environment!

Not only are corporate individuals(tm) making record profits producing  a product that accelerates global warming, not only do they create millions of delightful gallons of poisonous wastewater at each site in the process, not only do they fill the actual drilling sites with marvelous unextractable poisons injected deep into the earth, but if you’re lucky, those poisons will also seep into the groundwater, and soon local homeowners and businesses can have poison on tap.

It’s one more fantastic technology for facilitating the extinction of the despicable lifeforms currently infesting the planet. Kudos to the tentacled methane-breathing inventor! Somebody should buy that guy a glass of formaldehyde.

EDIT: I should make it clear,that for the sake of the pure, noble goal of continued corporate profits, my only concern is that those corporate individuals(tm) that are   responsible for destroying the planet make sure they’ve done the deep market research to verify that a sufficiently funded tentacled methane-breathing client base truly exists to thrive in this new weird arid-radioactive-poisoned-goo-&-corpse-covered world that we’re currently terrorforming.

Because in my experience, a lot of those radioactive, tentacled, methane-breathing, corpse-eating, poison-gargling dudes are kind of shifty with their finances.

The Great Lakes contain as much as 20% of the fresh water in the world- and 90% of the fresh water in the United States. There currently are two sites where they’re already fracking in Michigan.

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