Art for Hire!

Sometimes people ask me if I’m going to sell any of my works: Everything’s for sale, of course. It’s just not marketed or on display anywhere, so they’d have to apply for access to the Gallery.

For General Inquiries or to APPLY FOR GALLERY ACCESS to WORKS of von BORAX BELOW
Located in Downtown Saline Michigan disguised as a small Garage
Jampacked with a trove of Hundreds of Paintings & Graphic Arts & Prints & Weird Sculptural Artifacts & Tarot Cards & Coloring Books & Written Works & Audio Materials… & …Stuff.

When would you like to view the Gallery? We’ll respond to arrange a mutually convenient time. Give us several options of possible viewing times, maybe? And/or let us know if there are any works you’re particularly interested in?

Offering original, innovative graphic artworks for Individuals & Organizations.

Stormwater Signs for City of Ann Arbor Skatepark, Summer 2019!

Below, a random sampling of more commercial works & commissions.