The Empty Bottle: Yes, it’s another Pirate Song

Well the Rum only asks for one other Rum
And the Grog makes you groggy all day
And the Pale Ale and Wine
It all seems so fine
‘Til you’re pissing your blood all away

Well the Whiskey it risks me so terribly
For it fills me and burns out my soul
Every Port is a storm
And I wish I weren’t born
To be some kind of bottomless hole

Well the Sherry we shared was promiscuous,
And the Sack left me deep in the bag
And the Champagne we drank
Pushed me out on the plank
And I’d cry out if not for the gag

It’s a bottle of poison I’m hoisting
It’s a demon uncorked that I’ve found
And the Gin is beginning
To look like it’s winning
For it’s high proof, I’ve burned to the ground.

And my Treasure Chest is empty
Of my precious golden heart
It was there but it’s stolen
And the Bottle had it’s part
And I’ve poured the Bottle endlessly
Upon the burning sands
And I curse the day I found
This empty Bottle in my hand

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~ Love, Nitro

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