Tarot von Borax: Minor Arcana Suit- TINS

In addition to the suits of Toast, Forks, and Quills we have discovered TINS
Toast= Heart, Fire, Love & Creation
Forks= Mind, Water, Thoughts & Intent
Quills= the Body,  Air, Words & Actions

TINS: Representing the world’s external influence, the element of Earth, material goods, the acquisition of same; the trappings of the physical world.

Tins are an entirely human concept; no squid or fox has a canning factory. They contain a mystery: Does the label even truly represent the contents? When you look at an iceberg, at least you see a portion of the mass, but a Tin will require faith until the contents are revealed. They are an attempt to hold what is ephemeral and fleeting, and stockpile a storehouse against the inevitibility of decay and mortality. They can provide lifesaving nourishment when responsibly stored for generous distribution, and represent a worthwhile achievement.  Importantly, even if the contents are true and real, if the Tin is never opened, it might as well be empty, and is representative of less than nothing: false hope.

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