KRUNCHIES on the Digitals

Analog Memories: In 1988, some hundreds of cassette tapes of the 18.31″, nine-song release BORAX : KRUNCHIES! were issued by Throbbing Cop Records. Each tape had a hand-colored cassette cover, and is unique. They got mailed to record labels and friends around the US, and were sold in record stores all over the Greater Metropolitan Detroit Region, mostly.

I mean, I hope they sold them- we never went back to the record stores that would stock our music to check, or collect sales receipts, generally, because that was difficult.

Similarly, we allowed our original musical files to decompose. Fortunately, sometime in the ensuing 32 years, a splendid gentleman named Paul Martz, familiar with the band because of various proximities, digitized a fairly pristine cassette that he had in temperature-controlled storage and gifted it back to us. And thanks to Paul, and the necessity of staying HOME ALL THE TIME RIGHT NOW I’ve launched- Krunchies! Available through your…platformz

Spotify Google Music AppleMusic Youtube


Here for the record let me say that I have heard rumors of a BORAX that may have existed in S. California previous to 1986, when our BORAX was formed. I can’t find a record of them tho-

And let me say that 90’s Estonian Borax are MOST TEDIOUS AND DREADFUL and never should have known better than to use our established name.

But so we’re clear let me say that Indonesian Thrash Borax are exceedingly awesome and we’re happy to franchise with them generally

There was a Mexican Metal Borax that we were also OK with but I can’t seem to find them anywhere

I believe we are really the most Authentic Borax available.

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