Tarot of von Borax: 5,6,7,8,9 of Toast & Cruel Rules

I’m nearing completion of my first suit: TOAST. I have no idea what the other 3 suits are until I create them.

I started this deck: I drew a couple of cards and then realized there were punishing rules. I don’t know where the rules came from. I have to do the cards sequentially, and I’ll complete with the higher arcana. I will do 4 suits in some order that’s to be revealed… Toast was first. Toast appears to corresponds to Cups in the Coleman-Smith/Waite deck. Imagine that!

I bought a 9″x 12″ sketchbook and it’s not high-quality paper, and though I can and do erase and redraw lot, I can’t throw a picture away and start with new paper. I can’t do preliminary sketching on other paper. That’s painful!  The book will have all 78 pictures in sequence without removed pages. And a lot of erasure. And then I’ll probably color them… somehow, but whether by hand or digitally I don’t know.

I’ve been reading Tarot since I was nine in 1974, when I bought my first 007 Live and Let Die Tarot Deck. AKA the Tarot of the Witches, by Fergus Hall.

The Coleman-Smith/Waite deck was acquired next and defines the tarot for me: The illustrations are unequaled in revelatory potential (She did those drawings at about half the size that I’m working at, too. Genius).  The Thoth Deck is fascinating and has some interesting arcane depth, but Crowley was just such a wanking ho.

I start with a meditation on the common meanings/versions of the card in question. And meditation is probably overstating it, and then I see what percolates out of whatever current disturbed state of mind is prevailing to  provide a unique perspective for the card’s useful augury. These drawings are overfraught with symbolism, and it will be interesting to see if any of it translates for people who are not me. I can see that it’s going to provide a valuable Jungian analysis tool for those guys with that padded van and giant butterfly net that keep chasing me around town.

I suppose I apologize because of your workplace for all the nudity, but that’s what it’s like inside my head all the time and you should probably get over your issues with nudity, anyway.

I can’t explain anything else.

“The beauty of the unconscious is that is is really unconscious.” -Carl Jung




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