Tarot von Borax, Minor Arcana Suit of TOAST

I think I’m starting my first Tarot Deck but I guess we’ll see about that in 3 more suits (IDK What Follows Toast), and all the Major Arcana.

I’m doing the drawings sequentially in a 9″x 12″ book of white drawing paper that I wish I’d thought to purchase in better quality and it’s too late now because apparently that’s part of the RULES (Who imposes these rules? WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KNOW? Me too).

I start with a meditation on the meanings of the card, drawing mostly from the Pamela Coleman Smith but also that ass Crowley and a heap of others, and then I see what happens. There’s no mapping ahead, and there’s no starting over with a new page, but I do get to pencil and erase. OK, and clean it up A LITTLE digitally.

Anyway, this Suit is complete in black and white: TOAST!

Toast means love, emotion, and their resulting magickal spark of inspired creativity. Toast, representing the highest form of bread. Twice-forged in fire like steel, comprised of balanced, nurtured nutrients, TOAST elevates and individuates the necessary baseline creative civilizing influence of loaves to singular, hot opportunities for enlightenment, improvement, rebirth and true expressions of the soul.

Eureka! It’s ordained that the Next Suit Shall Be: FORKS


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