Golden Rice: Lifesaver for Monsanto Agenda?

The New York Times, that Bastion of the Liberal Media ™, has printed yet another article of perfervid propaganda for GMOs.

The subject of the article is “Golden Rice-”  a genetically modified strain of rice that contains elevated levels of beta carotene.

Below, my comment to the editor, which does not appear in the comments below the article online, because of, the New York Times just doesn’t ever print my comments generally.


Oh, please. Everybody knows that in the future, we’ll all be able to subsist entirely on a simple pill that will supply all of our nutrients- we learned that from the Jetsons.Everybody understands that it’s completely absurd to expect that advances in technologies might mean that we could choose to send carrots to the Philippines.

Everybody understands that any suspicion of the super-genius of science, which has brought us such wonderful advances as DDT, Thalidomide and rBST is “hysteria” promulgated by feeble-minded people who want children to go blind.

Everybody understands that it’s just not possible that a nonprofit group could be making a mistake in the way they choose to spend money.

Obviously, the mere coincidence that there does exist a huge and gloriously-funded corporate agenda that supports and promotes GMOs is a clear indication that GMOs must be good.

Oh, please.

You know what’s terrific? It’s terrific that we don’t have to even consider the fact that people are trying to live on rice merely. We don’t have to directly address the complete failure of human societies to provide adequate food to keep children from going blind, or starving to death. We do not acknowledge that we could solve World Hunger this year, starting now. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN.
No, SCIENCE will create a magic button to  fortify those slaves lazy wastrels. Let’s do spend an awful lot of money on that, shan’t we?
 Sure, it turns out that all that stuff about improved crop yields from GMOs turned out to be bullshit. Who doesn’t bullshit a little, to make a buck? Sure, the last time the Liberal Media ™ touted “Golden Rice” it turned out that an 11 year-old would have to eat 15 pounds of it to get an adequate amount of beta-carotene. Well, oops. That was before they spent a lot MORE money on it instead of giving some kid a sandwich.
Meanwhile, the great thing is that articles about the (insufficiently-tested) potential benefits of GMOs are a useful distraction that can keep businesses (by which, as usual, I mean only the stockholders and top level executives of businesses, not, like, the slaves lazy wastrels doing the actual work for the businesses) growing and $profiting$ by making sure that they don’t have to subject their “science” to undue scrutiny, or be required to do something as unreasonable as informing the public through labeling when they’ve spliced fish genes into our tomatoes.  Oh, relax, that didn’t work anyway. But if it did work, what right would we have to know about it? None, apparently.
For the love of Mike, put down the test tube, Igor, and give the kid a sandwich already.



  1. I agree entirely with you. It’s time the “first world” stopped setting the food baseline for the “third world” at chemical rice and dirt cakes. Let’s start investigating how to get some real groceries to our fellow man.

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