Ann Arbor Art Fairy

…To date, there are NO Google results for “Ann Arbor Art Fairy,” or even “A2 Art Fairy” which is surprising, given the Fairy Doors all over Ann Arbor and the near-impossibility of coming up with any ungoogleable pun. But there you are… I came up with the concept & this first-draft design for my good friend Elmo at Elmo’s T-Shirts for the Art Fair this year, but he opted to keep the concept but go with a more generic stock-art fairy, which he suspected would sell better to the generic sheeple. I…just…can’t fully approve of stock art… but I’ve always liked Elmo,  it’s all OK by me.

I’m hoping the “Ann Arbor Art Fairy”  idea brings him some additional revenue to make up for all the people asking to use his bathroom and coming in to his (excellent) t-shirt store complaining about OH MY GOD IT’S HOT/RAINING. Maybe next year I’ll try to draw him another one…with less crazy detail.

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