Complete lack of Guantánamorality

Recent leaks reveal that 15 children (13-17 years old) altogether were imprisoned at Guantánamo in the denial of human and civil rights fiesta that is Guantánamo.

Our Government had previously admitted to 12, but there were 3 more than that number.

Well, before that, our Government had told the UN there were only 8 children imprisoned in Guantánamo, but there really were 4 more children imprisoned than that number. So, you know, 8, no, 12, no, 15 teenagers held without representation or formal charges, you know, like they do in Guantánamo. Like they still do in Guantánamo, because apparently it’s a hard habit to break once you get away with it for awhile.

One of those kids committed suicide at Guantánamo at age 21, after living in his cell in Guantánamo since he was 17.  Another one continues to be imprisoned for war crimes committed when he was 16.

Sure, you can get convicted of war crimes if you’re 16, but not if you’re some sick old sphincter in  our Government.

Keep swimming: I’m sure the moral high ground can be found somewhere in this vicinity.



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