Fukushima spurs potential job growth among senior citizens

 A team of pensioners are trying to assist with the continuing disaster in the Fukushima Nuclear Wasteland  .

I trust that corporations worldwide are taking note;  if you’ve gotten yourself in a fix by making a horrifying, monstrous biotoxic environmental catastrophe- and who doesn’t do that occasionally?- you can mitigate future payouts for long-term complications by utilizing people who don’t have a long term.

It’s a bold new opportunity! I  can imagine teams of geezers- Doom Squads- who can totter or wheel themselves into those  mortiferous arenas where younger workers might otherwise wastefully be poisoned prematurely,  reducing their potential for future contributions to corporate profits.

At the very least, the concept offers significant hope to the elderly in this country as well, as our kleptocratic Government rationalizes the elimination and/or privatization of the “entitlements” of Social Security and Medicare.

It’s not glamorous, but not everybody’s going to be able to be the Greeter at WalMart.

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