Evil Twin

I’ve seen those sleazy Polaroids
It looks like me but please avoid
certain conclusions, I tell you
I could not do that in those shoes
Remarkable resemblance-
I do concede the very semblance
Of myself in sordid languor,
But that’s just a doppelganger
It wasn’t me on Thursday night
Outside your window what a fright
Chewing on a human arm
Please do relax, don’t be alarmed
I’ve proof in documents you’ll see
Down in my basement, come with me
Just down these stairs,  ’cause I been framed
Me and him we look the same

It must have been my evil twin
Facsimile in stolen skin
That’s a window, not a mirror
And my twin is getting nearer

I’ve read those Doctor’s affidavits
And opinions, you can save it
Yeah, I’m shaky and frenetic
But we’re not a schizophrenic
I’m just a little tense is all
Because I think I’m getting small
And my evil twin is gaining
From my psychic juices draining
I’m afraid I can’t last very long
My evil twin is growing strong
It wasn’t me who staggered drunk
Through topless bars in swimming trunks
They think I’m guilty ever since
He stole and used my fingerprints
It wasn’t me, though I will say
I just don’t feel myself today

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