Highly recommended for the straight dope on Fukushima

Arnie Gunderson, former  senior vice president with Danbury-based Nuclear Energy Services, until fired for exposing unsafe practices,  has been giving a fantastic blow-by-blow analysis on the Fukushima meltdown(s). Thanks to Mike D.- I got this link from him.

It seems like old news already, but considering that the contamination will be around for 48,000 generations, we’d better increase our attention spans a little. The nuclear industry is totally delighted with our inability to plan past lunchtime tomorrow, I can tell you that much. And that’s the terrific thing for them: the vast majority of the repercussions from their negligent and pernicious practices wont present themselves for decades, or even centuries, and the industry continues to effectively control the story, if not the radiation, within just a couple of  months.

They’ve admitted that the explosions released 10 percent of the radiation emitted by Chernobyl- that’s just what they’ve admitted, it’s not likely to be the truth,  but if we’re lucky, maybe the documentaries they make about Fukushima 25 years from now will only be 10 percent as horrible and mind-blowingly tragic as this one about the children of Chernobyl, by Photographer Paul Fusco.

My family and I live just 40 miles from a nuclear plant of the same design as Fukushima. It has two cooling towers, and last June a funnel cloud went right between them.  It’s like playing REALLY BIG Russian Roulette.


  1. With each new nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, Fukushima, we think “this will finally create a lasting impression of the danger of nuclear power”. It doesn’t. The greed for energy seems to continue to drive developed nations despite the inevitable lethal outcome. I like your blog, smart man.

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